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Affect: Addiction Recovery

Affect: Addiction Recovery

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(0 Reviews) April 02, 2024
Affect: Addiction Recovery Affect: Addiction Recovery Affect: Addiction Recovery Affect: Addiction Recovery Affect: Addiction Recovery Affect: Addiction Recovery

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April 02, 2024
Affect Therapeutics
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More About Affect: Addiction Recovery

Affect is more than a sobriety app or sober tracker. It is the first integrated all-digital addiction recovery program to offer professional support and financial rewards as you succeed in treatment. You don't have to go to rehab to stop drinking and using drugs. Affect puts a full treatment program right in your pocket. Reward your recovery.
Affect's results rank in the top 1% of all addiction treatment providers. Through our scientifically-proven approach, you can get sober, manage, reduce, and quit alcohol, cannabis, meth, cocaine, or prescription stimulants like ADHD meds (we do not treat opioids).

The program is private, confidential, convenient, highly effective, delivered entirely through your smartphone, and covered by insurance. The app is free to use without enrolling in the treatment program.

Affect's addiction recovery program includes:

► Financial rewards for successful participation in treatment, including for staying sober.

► Group and individual telehealth counseling with licensed counselors who are specialists in addiction and mental health.

► Medications to help you manage cravings, depression, and anxiety.

► Support and resources to improve your life, including help finding healthcare, employment, and housing, allowing you to focus on your sober journey.

► Gamification tracks sobriety, helps manage your schedule, and speeds addiction recovery progress with tools and tasks that build healthy habits.

► Confidential and private community offers support and understanding from other members at all times.

Affect works better. Our rewards system is based on decades of research on successful behavior change and technology. People see immediate results with a more than 50% decrease in use in the first month. Affect's program results in outcomes that are proven to be twice as effective as traditional clinical models. Addiction recovery isn’t painful.

We accept many insurance plans including medicaid, which is fully covered for members. Please see our website for the full list of plans we accept. There are no subscription fees or ads.

Affect is a licensed treatment provider for alcohol and drug addiction and is accredited by CARF International. Our research was supported by grants from The National Institute on Drug Abuse and The National Institutes of Health (see our website for more information). Your private information is kept secure and is not shared with any third parties or online trackers. You can trust us with your recovery.

Many people enroll in Affect's program to get professional support while attending 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or SMART Recovery. Affect helps people who struggle with relapses. Professional counselors work with people on their deeper mental health issues where recovery coaches and peer communities fall short. Affect's program is also used by people who leave detox or inpatient residential rehab clinics to continue their recovery journeys.

When you are ready to reduce or stop drinking or using drugs, enrolling in Affect's revolutionary digital addiction treatment program gives you the expert help you need to truly succeed without having to go to a rehab clinic.

We beat the deadly game of addiction by changing the rules. Come win your life back with Affect.

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