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Astonishing Baseball Manager

Astonishing Baseball Manager

3.4.5 by Coach and gm in this star Game
(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Astonishing Baseball Manager Astonishing Baseball Manager Astonishing Baseball Manager Astonishing Baseball Manager Astonishing Baseball Manager Astonishing Baseball Manager

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February 08, 2024
Coach and gm in this star Game
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More About Astonishing Baseball Manager

The final rosters of the year have arrived!
Astonishing Baseball (AB) is your daily dose of baseball management simulation on your smartphone or tablet, and for free, with no ads. Become the coach/manager of an astonishing sports team full of stars, and as the GM, lead your players to the ultimate reward: the Baseball Cup!

Astonishing Baseball is not your usual baseball manager game. It's not only about tables full of stats and WAR projections. It's not just trading players and signing free agent stars, or upgrading your ballpark. In Astonishing Baseball, you're writing your own coach story with one goal in mind: win the Baseball Cup. And for that, you'll need to become a great GM/manager. It's like a narrative roguelike sports game!

* A living world
Astonishing Baseball features a deep lore in a fully-customizable world. Sports fans are posting about the game and your brand new rookie. Reporters write articles about your closer's performance in the 9th inning. Players send you messages about their concerns, their contract... Or maybe they're inviting you, the coach, for dinner!

* An All-star lineup at the ballpark
Astonishing Baseball allows you to create the team you've always dreamed of. Make trades with the greedy other teams of the league, or sign free agent stars during the offseason. Draft talented prospects and train them to the rank of baseball stars during the Legends Contest. You're the manager!

* For baseball fans and stats nerds
Astonishing Baseball is very easy to learn. If you know the game rules, you'll know how to play and become a manager! But if you're a sabermetrics savant, you'll find all kind of stats to satisfy your nerdy instinct, from cool charts to WAR projections!

* Play on your own terms
Astonishing Baseball simulator can be played offline, as much as you want. You don't need to wait or watch an ad to play games. You don't need a data connection or Wi-Fi to save a game result. You don't need to create an account to build your team. You don't even have to pay!

* Get international
Not enough talent in your league? Send your local scouts to find the best prospects in the world at their local ballpark, and then invite the most promising player to your team!

A Prodigious Story
Create your own player and follow his adventures through high school and college. Will he join the Emerald University of Seattle, or travel to Japan to study baseball? Can he find love, and keep his best friend close while becoming a local superstar? Play through dozens of events and storylines until your young prodigy joins your team!

* A fierce online competition
Even if the entire solo mode can be played offline, you can also decide to play online anytime against other managers, and play games in one of our many multiplayer modes! Try to become the King of Baseball in the Astonishing Contest, or conquer the title of World Champion. Except if you want to play with friends, and go on a road trip with your guild to conquer ballparks!

* A Tremendous Rivalry
Maybe you're going to have success with your team, but at the top of your fame, a talented coach might come to steal your throne! Will you be good enough to get him out of this league? But beware, because the Dargor family is ready to sabotage you.

* Live incredible stories
As a coach/manager, you do have a life too! In Astonishing Baseball, you can take your team to a burger restaurant, help local associations, but also meet your favorite author, become a rock star and even marry the love of your life!

* New challenges await you
In AB, you can play one of our many scenarios! Go back in time to manage the famous 1927 superstars, or try to rebuild Detroit in extreme mode!

*My Franchise Player mode
Start your own career and upgrade your player to become the best in the world! Sign with sponsors, unlock new skills and meet new friends. This is your career!

If you like baseball, fantasy sports and baseball coach simulation games, you'll love Astonishing Baseball Manager! See you at the ballpark!

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