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Cloud Signage for Google Drive

Cloud Signage for Google Drive

2.4.2 by Digital signage & slideshow app team, hapicom Inc.
(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Cloud Signage for Google Drive Cloud Signage for Google Drive Cloud Signage for Google Drive Cloud Signage for Google Drive Cloud Signage for Google Drive Cloud Signage for Google Drive

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February 08, 2024
Digital signage & slideshow app team, hapicom Inc.
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More About Cloud Signage for Google Drive

Digital signage tool for casual use
Cloud Signage for Google Drive™ PRO is an easy-to-use digital signage app that can update content remotely but does not require paid subscription, integrated with Google Drive.

This app can be used in many situations: digital sign board; digital restaurant menu board; digital advertising poster board; digital information display; online photo frame/picture frame; infinite loop of photo slideshow. Google Drive signage tool can help your work.

***Caution*** avoid using Google TV because API access to Google Drive is restricted on Google TV.

[Key features]

◆ Image/video infinite loop player
A simple yet powerful function for a wide variety of use cases. Images and videos are shown repeatedly.

◆ Remote content updates
Digital signage content can be automatically updated by just placing images and videos in a designated folder in the Google Drive.

◆ No subscription fee
Pay once, and you can use the app forever.

◆ No third-party user account registration
All you need is a Google account. You already have it if you now use an official Android device.

◆ Easy settings
Just a handful of settings to start your image/video slideshow loop. Of course, there are more advanced settings.

◆ Flexible display orientation
Displays can be set in any angle because the app can handle content orientation.

◆ Android 5.0+ supported
Affordable Android devices can be used as a dedicated digital signage/slideshow player.

◆ Android TV supported
Large screen displays can be used for digital signage and slideshow.

◆ Web pages supported
Web pages (.url/.webloc files) can be used as digital signage content.

◆ Cooperative display
Displays can synchronize on multiple devices based on accurate internet time.

◆ Auto start on device boot (enterprise license only)
The app can be automatically launched when device is powered on without root permission.

◆ Watermark logo removal/customization (enterprise license only)
Digital signage display can be completely designed for commercial use.


- Permanent use license: $7.99 / device
- Enterprise license: $16.99 / device

For more details about how to use this digital signage app, visit the official website.


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