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CurryKitten FPV Simulator

CurryKitten FPV Simulator

0.56.1 by Fly an FPV racing quadcopter
(0 Reviews) June 17, 2024
CurryKitten FPV Simulator CurryKitten FPV Simulator CurryKitten FPV Simulator CurryKitten FPV Simulator CurryKitten FPV Simulator CurryKitten FPV Simulator

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June 17, 2024
Fly an FPV racing quadcopter
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More About CurryKitten FPV Simulator

This is a simulator to help you learn to fly, or practice flying an FPV race-style quadcopter in FPV. With that said, you can also fly in LOS and fly a plane instead of a quad!
The main thing to note about this simulator is that it's not about racing. Whilst there are some basic gates set up to go through, this is more focused towards freestyle flying, and flying for fun.

To that end, we've included aspects such as being able to chase other vehicles: You can chase up to 3 cars at once going around various circuits on over the different levels and try chasing a plane to help you find ways you might capture this kind of footage in real life.

In the levels you'll find mountains to proximity fly, trees to weave through, a partly constructed office block to fly through (but watch out for the nearby moving crane), moving wind turbines, balls to hit, and not to mention a city with densely packed buildings to fly through.

To give an added sense of realism, weather effects, and time of day are supported - so fly at night, fly in a thunderstorm - whatever you like.

Online play is also supported with up to 4 players per room where you can mix and match planes and quads and also have full crossplay with other mobile devices and those on the desktop versions.

Lastly, there is Quad Ball, a fully-featured game within the sim! In Quad Ball you have to use your quadcopter to get the ball to the goal... ram the ball in just the right way to reach the goal, but be careful, overcook your hit and the ball might fall out of play.

Support for touch controls and bluetooth controllers such as the Playstion and Xbox gamepads Touch controls work well for gentle flying, but for really fast acrobatic flight, using an external controller is highly recommended.

Full setup for your quad (or plane) is provided so you can set things up as gentle or aggressive as you like. Some pre-defined rates are also supplied if you want to simplify things.

Instructions on how to operate the sim are included within the app, but more verbose documentation can be found here https://www.currykitten.co.uk/currykitten-fpv-sim-mobile-edition/

This app is still under development, and thus more features and levels are expected in the future.

The sim should run well on most reasonably up-to-date iPhones to iPads (it was extensively tested using an iPhone XR) but is graphically intensive so older devices may struggle. It's possible to alter the graphic detail in-game to help with this though.

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