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Incoming Call Name Announcer

Incoming Call Name Announcer

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Incoming Call Name Announcer Incoming Call Name Announcer Incoming Call Name Announcer Incoming Call Name Announcer Incoming Call Name Announcer Incoming Call Name Announcer

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June 07, 2024
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More About Incoming Call Name Announcer

Tired of checking your phone repeatedly for unwanted calls? There is no longer any need to look for your phone while driving or doing something else.
Automatic call name announcer can even read you the complete message.
With incoming caller name announcer, you quickly identify both the incoming caller name and SMS sender name in a variety of situations, such as while your phone is in your pocket or out of reach. This true caller name announcer will proclaim it for you without requiring you to look at the phone.
For individuals who are unwilling or unable to perceive or understand using a smartphone the caller name announcer will notify them of incoming calls and SMS messages via an announcement and speech alert system.

🚀 Features Of The Caller Name Talker App🚀

📞 Voice announcement with call identifier.

📞Allow / Deny Caller Name Announcement.

📁Allow / Deny Incoming SMS sender name only.

📲The battery notifier keeps you informed of the battery's charge level.

📢Whtsap’s name announcer can be adjusted to vibrate or mute.

📞you can identify unfamiliar numbers and callers ID that are not on your Contact list.

📢To stop the announcement, press Volume Up / Volume Down.

🔔Decrease the volume of incoming callers' ringtones.

🎯Options to play the caller name are accessible if the caller name is in the contacts list.

🔊Pitch rate and conversing volume can be customized.

⭐SMS Announcer - Automatic Caller Name Announcer

Call announcer programme - smart dialer assists you by reading out loud the message's contents. If it requires an instant answer, you can filter. However, this feature is also available in WhtsAp.

⭐Caller ID announcer- caller name talker app
The caller name speaker application is meant for use when people are driving or doing anything important and you are unable just to respond to any incoming call or instant message.

⭐Announce the SMS recipient's name.
Announcers will also indicate the name of the person who sent you an SMS message, allowing you to simply track who is calling to contact you.

⭐Battery Voice Alert with Caller identifier:
includes a battery voice alert with a pop-up notification. Notifier keeps you informed of the status of your phone's battery so that you can charge it before it dies.
⭐WhtsAp Announcer - Caller Name Announcer

It loudly announces incoming SMS and call alerts on WhtsAp to tell the user about the content of the message or the identity of the person and speak who is calling you. Optimise this feature to meet your needs, for example, announce in silent mode or on vibrate mode, and vice versa.

⭐Utilise Automatic Phone Caller Id / caller name talker app.
When you are not in the mood to glance at your phone's screen, you can use the automatic caller id / caller name talker application to announce phone calls and SMS messages.

⭐The call identifier's pitch and volume rate can be easily modified.
You can: - Adjust the pitch rate and conversing volume of the voice announcement to what you prefer.

📌Open the Google Play Store application.
📌Search for "call name announcer" on the internet to find it.
📌Install should be selected.
📌Once the app has been downloaded, open it.
📌To configure the app, follow the on-screen instructions.

The true caller name announcer of the recipient app determines whether the caller id name is one of your contacts or an unknown number. It may indicate the caller's name if it matches a contact in your address book, or it can announce the number for an unknown or new call dialer.

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