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Inside.me: More than chat

Inside.me: More than chat

4.18 by Zebka LTD
(0 Reviews) February 20, 2024
Inside.me: More than chat Inside.me: More than chat Inside.me: More than chat Inside.me: More than chat Inside.me: More than chat Inside.me: More than chat

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February 20, 2024
Zebka LTD
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Our values:
- There is a whole universe inside each of us.
- We are all different. Be yourself!
- Your value does not depend on the opinions of others.
- What's important is what's inside, not outside.
- Everyone has the right to anonymity.
- The hypocrisy and vanity of conventional social media are not about us.
- We're all a little crazy and that's okay!


- Safe and convenient messenger
- Security is the priority of our application.
- We don't need your phone number to register.
- We do not transfer your contacts to our server (or anywhere else), as other popular instant messengers do.
- All chats are private. Even we (the developers) won't be able to read your correspondence.


- You don't have to reveal your identity, enter your real name, or submit your photo to find friends. Although you can do this if you wish.
- Your anonymity is conducive to frank conversations. Share your experiences without fear of publicity, there is only support and understanding.

Anonymous dating

- People are not a product to choose from a photo! Trust in destiny! Our system will itself look for an interlocutor for you, near you, or on the other side of the world.
- Find your soul mate with our smart hobby search.
- Casual light chats conversations without consequences. Chat rooms for communication and acquaintance with foreigners.
- First, online communication, then everything else. You can end communication with a stranger at any time and he will no longer be able to contact you, but you can continue communication, exchange photos, and become friends.

Secret stories

- Share what's inside you
- Tell an interesting story from your life
- Or maybe you want to anonymously ask a question to those around you?
-Text and audio stories are the easiest way to do this.
- The atmosphere of privacy is conducive to revelations.
- What are you thinking about alone with yourself? What would you like to tell everyone around?

Real friends are always there!

Complete absence of annoying ads and a full-fledged free version.

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