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May 23, 2024
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More About Invoice Maker

Invoice maker from SpeedInvoice will give you professional invoices with a choice of +500 background images. This invoice maker is also a estimate generator and is perfect for companies, contractors or freelancers. Work wherever you are!
Bring your office on your phone!
You can email, print or share any invoice or estimate with other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS. You have an invoice template with a professional design that can be sent as a PDF or JPG. SpeedInvoice makes your business look good and is easy to work with! You can profile your business with your logo and a flexible design to create a great looking business invoice. You can sign your invoices, as well as let your customers sign on your phone or tablet to accept an invoice, a quote or estimate. SpeedInvoice is a quick and professional Invoice Maker and Estimate Creator.

Securely Stored
With SpeedInvoice as your invoice generator, your data is securely stored and automatically backed up. If your phone is lost, stolen or breaks, everything will be available when you download the invoice app again. Many invoice makers only save your data on your phone, so if you lose your phone, you also lose all of your bills. With SpeedInvoice you do not take that risk.

A quick overview
• Invoice from your phone, tablet or computer, work on your own or together with colleagues in this bill maker
• Create unique invoices for business or estimates with more than 500 background images for your invoice template
• Upload your own background image for you bills and estimates
• Add your logo or signature to your invoice and quote
• Share an invoice & estimate via all apps capable of sharing (SMS, MMS, Skype, WhatsApp, etc)
• Use the integrated reports to check on your sales, customers, payments, items or report on Sales Tax invoices. You can also create accounting and bookkeeping documents
• Easy and quick ways of looking at your invoices & quotes by customer or in categories such as “Unpaid” or “Overdue”
• If you are offline, you can create invoices but you can only send them when you are online
• Add photos when invoicing or estimating
• Copy old invoices and quotes to work quicker
• Add contractual terms, drawings or project plans in Word, Excel and PDFs to any invoice and quote
• Import and export data to Excel
• Receive a copy of all invoices and estimates to your company's email address
• Select from 35 languages and any currency
• You can convert an estimate to an invoice
• Flexible pricing
• Record item cost and report on profitability
• Sales Tax can be disabled or enabled when invoicing
• Multiple Sales Tax rates for items with a summary on each tax invoice
• Capture the signature of your customer on invoices and estimates with your phone or tablet
• Full payment functionality including pre- and part payments and credits when invoicing
• Set credit terms per customer
• Send out receipts or include payments when invoicing
• Print the invoice and estimate from your PC, Mac or your phone

Free trial
SpeedInvoice's ambition is to be the best invoice app. You can try it for free to see if it fits your business. After the free trial you can purchase an annual subscription for $69.60, so a cost of $5.80 per month. We believe it will help you win more business and spend less time with your paperwork.

SpeedInvoice has the following English languages: US, UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa. Business invoices needs the correct terms for VAT, GST and Sales Tax.

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