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February 07, 2024
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More About Lowlife

All you gotta do is heal.
Take control of Lowlife and heal your downloaded Scripts as you scour a corrupt, dystopian future. Your goal is not to hurt the countless Villains you will face spanning across several Simulations and Raids, it is to keep your party alive so they can do the hurting - by any means necessary.

Throughout the Healing Simulations, you will incept Memories which can be used to trade for new Scripts - or if you have downloaded Scripts with their own god-rolled skills, level them up with Memories or by taking them with you! Sell your extra Scripts in the Auction House for extra Memories to spend. Also shop for other worldwide players' listed Scripts to use for your own.

There are 35 uniquely skilled subclasses of Scripts to be found, including Tanks and Melee DPS to place on your front line, Mages and Ranged DPS for your back line, and Shamans - a wildcard class that can be placed anywhere in your party setup.

Lowlife places you in battle with a variety of weak and powerful Villains, equipped with only a variety of healing spells to keep everyone (and yourself!) alive. Spend your gained Parameter Points to build the perfect healer and fit your play style. Sprinkle a little of your personal playstyle on top by spending Node Points in one of three skill trees to build your perfect healer specialization. You'll need it to get the highest scores on the Global Leaderboards.

Complete Quests and level up to gain access to a variety of Simulations with Bosses and challenges that await you. When you feel confident enough, team up online to take down a Raid Boss or two.

Lowlife is free to play, unlimited, with no commercial breaks. Also works with no WiFi or internet connection (Auction House, Leaderboards, and Raids not available with no internet).

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