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Magic SMS

1.9.7 by Alessandro Albergo
(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Magic SMS Magic SMS Magic SMS Magic SMS Magic SMS Magic SMS

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February 08, 2024
Alessandro Albergo
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More About Magic SMS

From the brilliant idea and creation of Angelo Carbone, the app was developed by magician and developer Alessandro Albergo.
After installation, an entry code is required, which is only distributed to magicians.

Magic SMS was first released on the iPhone back in 2011.
Then Magic SMS 2 was released in 2015.
Now here in 2022 we have Magic SMS for the first time ever on Android.

This app is for entertainment purposes only.

"The best magic trick app that I've seen; beautifully thought through." - Derren Brown

"This is such a strong and effective use of magic on the iPhone. Finally!" - David Blaine

"Magic SMS is the coolest effect I've seen in years! Trust me you'll be texting everyone about this. Amazing!" - Dynamo

"Magic SMS represents a real leap forward in the development of iPhone magic. If you have an iPhone and like magic, you should buy it." - MAGIC Magazine Review

* As performed live on London's LBC Radio and one of LBC Radio's Best Apps of the Year. *


Imagine a magic app that does not look like you are running an app...

Imagine a magic app that creates powerful mind reading magic...

Introducing Magic SMS... Mind Reading via Text Message.

The Effect: You tell your friend that you know someone who is psychic and that you want to put him to the test. You ask your friend to freely think of any colour and any playing card. Nothing is spoken or written down.

You send a text message to your psychic asking him to guess what your friend is thinking of. You then turn off your phone and put it aside. From this point on you NEVER touch the phone AGAIN.

You both patiently wait for the text message to arrive. Moments later, an SMS does arrive. The preview message in the Lock Screen shows that it is indeed from the psychic. Now that the message has arrived you ask your friend for the first time to confirm what they had thought of.

You ask your friend to pick up the phone (as you don’t want to touch it) and to read the full reply. They will be utterly amazed to see that the psychic has correctly guessed both the freely thought of colour and playing card.


• Easy to do but very POWERFUL in effect!
• The FIRST EVER magic app to use this UNIQUE principle.
• No voice activation, G-Sensor use, icon swiping or suspicious turning over of the phone.
• No masking or hiding of the screen. Everything is done openly and fairly.
• You NEVER touch the phone, once the text has been sent.
• Once you know what colour and card your friend has thought of you STILL never touch the phone.
• SMS reply can be customised to say whatever you want.
• 9 routines plus new improvements from the original Magic SMS app.
• A truly free choice of ANY colour and ANY playing card. A staggering 530 possible combinations.

** SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch Swedish and Portuguese.**

** PLEASE NOTE: When you install this app it will be called 'Top Talk'. This is to disguise the nature of the app. Please look for 'Top Talk' when looking to launch the app. **


If you have any issues, please contact magicsms@live.com or allab.developer@gmail.com before leaving a review and we will be happy to assist.

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