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Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

4.14 by Brainy Mini Golf Game Levels‪!‬
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt) Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt) Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt) Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt) Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt) Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

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February 07, 2024
Brainy Mini Golf Game Levels‪!‬
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More About Mini Golf 100+ (Putt Putt)

The sequel to "Mini Golf 100" is here!Every aspect of the game has been improved.Do you have what it takes you become the top player in the world?!
Welcome to "Mini Golf 100 + (Putt Putt)" where the thrill of golf meets strategic gameplay in a unique miniature golf experience. This app offers a deep and engaging golfing adventure, focusing solely on putting skills – and it's free to play!

▼ Diverse Levels:
Each level features a unique course, where the number of putts to cup-in determines your success. The fewer the putts, the more stars you earn – up to three. But beware, too many putts might lead to game over!

▼ Innovative Gimmicks:
Experience a world filled with crazy gimmicks like rollercoaster-like loops, floors that make your ball jump, and surfaces that increase ball speed. These imaginative designs provide fresh challenges at every turn.

▼ Puzzles & Brain Teasers:
With 100 initial levels for beginners and more challenging ones thereafter, your strategic and puzzle-solving skills are key. These levels are perfect for some brain training and fun.

▼ Simple to Play, Deep in Strategy:
Our game's simple pull-and-shoot mechanics are ideal for players of all ages. Yet, mastering the courses and understanding ball characteristics demands thoughtful strategy.

▼ Ball Collection:
Unlock a variety of balls with different appearances and physics by opening treasure chests or achieving hole-in-ones on specific courses. Choosing the right ball can be crucial to your game strategy.

▼ Stunning 3D Graphics:
Immerse yourself in a realistic golfing experience with beautiful 3D graphics, available for offline play. Enjoy mini golf anytime, anywhere.

▼ Rewards and Growth:
Earn rewards through our bonus gauge and achievement system after each level. Collect redo tickets and various balls to advance favorably in the game.

▼ Global Competition:
Compete with players from around the globe on the leaderboard and participate in online tournaments, each held on a distinct and unique course. Discover the best strategies and shortcuts for each new challenge to ascend the ranks – aim to be the mini golf king!

▼ Popular Among All Ages:
Our game is fun for kids and adults alike, thanks to its easy controls and addictive, challenging levels.

Download it now and dive into the fun of mini golf. Whether you're killing time, in need of a brain workout, or just looking for an exciting game, this golf game will captivate you. Fill your coffee breaks or idle moments with the ultimate mini golf clash, a game that keeps players coming back for more. As a top-rated free game in miniature golf, it's a crazy, one-shot rival to traditional disc golf games, promising long-lasting fun!

---- Hints ----
Courses are designed to let you earn three stars using the normal golf ball (the ball you start with). Of course, there are many cases where changing your ball will make a course easier to get through. Changing balls is essential to finding the shortest paths to a hole.

■ Offline and Online Play:
Normal stages can be played offline in single-player mode. Tournaments and rankings can be enjoyed online. Daily missions add an extra layer of engagement for those who love to dive deep. As you practice and become more skilled, advanced players can even skip parts of courses with clever putting!

■ Ad-Free Option:
For those who find ads intrusive, there's an option to remove ads via in-app purchase for a more comfortable gaming experience.

■ Support:
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our support team!

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