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Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental

Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental

1.0.62 by Manager simulator Clicker RPG
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental

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February 07, 2024
Manager simulator Clicker RPG
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More About Mr. Mine: Idle Dig Incremental

Mr. Mine is the idle miner game with an incremental mechanic where you manage a mine full of various precious metals. Dig deep to get more rare treasure - Earn more money & upgrade faster! This idle clicker game is a unique mining simulator - Start your digging adventure now!
Originally released in 2012, Mr.Mine was played more than 20 million times and has now been remastered for mobile.

Developed by the team behind Clicker Heroes Mr.Mine if you love to play idle clicker games you won't be able to put down Mr.Mine.

Mr.Mine approaches incremental games in a novel way by emphasizing adventure and discovery.

Manage a team of miners and upgrade your drill to idle your way through the mines and discover mysteries and treasures in the depths below.

There are over 100+ drill upgrades to unlock as you progress through the mines!

You are starting the game with a humble pickaxe for digging. When you grow your mining business, you earn more, and you can upgrade to advanced digging and mining tools!

Main features of Mr. Mine Idle Miner:
- Mining Quest - 90+ quests to complete and achievements to unlock in this amazing idle clicker game!
- Mysterious Challenges - There are many secret encounters. Dig deep to find them all.
- Chests - Reach the underground city and find chests with hidden upgrades.
- Dig Deep - Unlock new features the deeper you go. Discover them all and gather rare ores - Welcome to the idle craft world!
- Idle Miner Adventure - Afraid of federally induced inflation? Mine tons of precious gems and ores to make your billions! Klang Gang!
- Trading Post - When you reach the needed level of resources, you can create a new trading post where you can trade for minerals and find new chests!
- Updated Artwork - Updated artwork & re-balanced progression from the original! Enjoy the unique mining simulator game!

Upgrade and grow your mining business - Build a mining empire from the scratch! Dig deep to extract natural minerals and valuable ores and isotopes. Incremental digging simulator for the real clicker experience - Just tap to play!

Hire workers & enhance mining machines - Automate the process and generate huge profit! Produce resources for selling - Coal, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Uranium, and more! Become an underground mining tycoon!

How to play
- Mine for resources
- Complete quests
- Buy and sell ores and minerals
- Upgrade your drill
- Upgrade your labor
- Upgrade your life

Download our idle clicker game and mining simulator to experience the world of Mr. Mine - An idle miner adventure for all fans of incremental games! Dig deep to make sure that you are exploiting the full potential of the mine - Start your digging adventure!

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