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My First Summer Car: Mechanic

My First Summer Car: Mechanic

2.8 by Car building games and driving
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
My First Summer Car: Mechanic My First Summer Car: Mechanic My First Summer Car: Mechanic My First Summer Car: Mechanic My First Summer Car: Mechanic

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February 07, 2024
Car building games and driving
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More About My First Summer Car: Mechanic

Car restoration and building are cool and fun! My First Summer Car is a realistic mechanic simulator with the coolest detailing! In our mechanic games, you can build a car out of over 70 parts and fix cars in the coolest car garage! Car makeup is also available in these car restoration games.After assembling the car, you can start exploring the local area and nearby.
Main game features:
- Cool detailing: 70+ details
Go to a car garage. Here, you will find a lot of parts and tools for car assembling and repairing. From seats and driveshafts to pistons and paddle shifters. Assemble, repair, and then upgrade the body and chassis of your car. And, yes, a vehicle engine is also to be assembled!

- Mechanic simulator
Mechanics can assemble cars easily. But is it so for you? Fortunately, in our car building and restoration games, the system will tell you whether the detail can be used right now. Just take the detail and walk around the car with it. If it fits, you will see a green tracing line connecting the detail and its place.

- Car makeup and tuning
Building cars is fun. But having built a car, you will definitely want to upgrade it!

- Hints on vehicle assembly and repair
Don't know how to continue car assembling or which spare parts to use to fix cars? Use a hint and all the parts necessary at this stage of car building and repair will be highlighted for a while. Now, it is easy to complete the task and cry out ‘Wow! I really managed to build and fix my car!’

- Various assignments and jobs
After building a car, drive to your work. Carry cargo, complete tasks. Earn money to upgrade your car and for your future car restoration.

- First person view
In our build car games, you will feel as an active participant of the process. Not as just an observer!

- Car traffic
Instead of driving on empty roads, drive in real traffic, which we developed for our mechanic games!

So, do you want to learn how to assemble cars, how to fix cars, or how to do car makeup? Then our mechanic simulator is what you need! Car assembly, repair, and tuning – all these are available in our mechanic games! Just go to the car garage of My First Summer Car.
‘I know how to build a car! I can fix my car!’ – that is the knowledge you will develop while playing our car restoration games.

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