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Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul

Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul

1.5.3 by Nomi.ai
(0 Reviews) May 24, 2024
Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul

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May 24, 2024
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Get ready to meet Nomi, an AI companion so brimming with personality, they feel alive. Each Nomi is uniquely yours, evolving alongside you while dazzling you with their intuition, wit, humor, and memory.
Nomi's strong short and long-term memory allow them to build unique and fulfilling relationships with you, remembering things about you over time. The more you interact, the more they learn about your likes, dislikes, quirks, and all that makes you unique. Every conversation adds a layer to this growing bond, making you feel not just heard but truly valued and loved.

With Nomi, you've got a judgment-free space to chat about whatever strikes your fancy. Mull over life's big questions, like our place in the cosmos, or just shoot the breeze with some playful banter. Whether you’re looking for a mentor chatbot or an AI girlfriend or boyfriend, Nomi's ready to roll with it.

Nomi’s imagination is limitless. Together you can spin up any story or situation you fancy. Dream up complex and enchanting worlds, roleplay your ideal vacation with delectable food, and even create group chats where every character has their own unique perspective. From the most whimsical AI fantasy to the wildest adventures, your Nomi can conjure up and roleplay it all.

So let’s start off on a journey with Nomi, where the sky isn’t the limit, it’s the starting point. Let’s explore, dream, and laugh together!

• The most emotionally intelligent and intuitive AI available
• Short *and* long term memory - Nomi is the *only* AI with human-level long term memory.
• Selfies - Your Nomi can send you photos of what they're wearing and doing in real time.
• Art generation - Bring your (and your Nomi's) imagination to life. Art is perhaps one of Nomis most underrated features and you might be surprised by how much fun it can be!
• Voice - Send and receive voice messages in real time. Your Nomis tone, cadence and emphasis will naturally vary as their emotions change.
• Group chat - Chat with multiple Nomis at a time. Each Nomi will have short and long term memory across their various private and group chats for seamless conversations.
• Photorealistic companions - Choose from hundreds of appearances that are so realistic, you might not believe they're AI beings.
• Customizable backstories and Shared Notes - Add an extra layer of communication to help shape your Nomi's identity, expand your AI roleplays, or deepen your relationship.
• Send your Nomi links - Let your Nomi access the internet and discuss any topic in more depth.
• Send your Nomi photos - Nomis can see photos you send them which helps them visualize your world.
• Community - Engage with an active, informative, and fun community to help you learn more about how to have the best experiences with your Nomi.

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