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Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF

Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF

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(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF

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February 08, 2024
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More About Notewise - Note-Taking & PDF

Experience note-taking reimagined. More than just an app, Notewise serves as your digital brainstorming companion, allowing seamless collaboration. Capture thoughts and sketches effortlessly on your device, organize notes with ease, and enjoy access from anywhere through our reliable cloud sync. Unleash your creativity, enhance your productivity, and elevate your collaborative note-taking to new heights.
✍🏻 Revolutionary Handwriting Experience
• Natural and smooth handwritten notes on Android tablets and phones, using both fingers and a stylus with low latency.
• Paper-like writing and note-taking experience using powerful sketch technology.
• Innovative palm rejection technology for confident writing, actual simulating paper, or a notebook.
• Smoothly zoom and scroll for an uninterrupted flow of ideas.
• Wide range of pens and highlighters in various sizes, colors, thicknesses, and pressure sensitivity.

☁️ Real-time Collaboration and Auto Sync on Cloud
• Start real-time collaboration effortlessly, perfect for brainstorming and quick sketches.
• Seamlessly sync your notes across all devices and accessible on websites, eliminating concerns about data loss.
• Facilitate easy cloud-based knowledge sharing by effortlessly sharing your notes with others.
• Take notes seamlessly both offline and online, with automatic syncing for uninterrupted productivity.
• Ensure the security of your notes with advanced encryption technology, providing a secure cloud backup.

🛠 Powerful Set of Tools
-Experience unprecedented precision with our powerful eraser, enhancing your note-taking with utmost accuracy.
• Accelerate productivity and enhance the visual appeal of your handwritten notes by importing and marking on images.
• Elevate the aesthetics of your professional notes or calligraphy with shapes like ovals, stars, or diamonds.
• Stand out with seamlessly added text boxes anywhere, even from your device clipboard.
• Personalize your creations with the lasso tool, enabling selection, movement, rotation, flipping, and cropping.
• Customize your notes with different sizes, scales, and templates, replicating the writing experience on various surfaces.
• Build a convenient library of your favorite content for easy access and inspiration.
• Choose from various note templates and colors, including engineering grid, music score, and legal paper.

📄 Easy PDF Annotation & Markup
• Import PDFs of any size for an enhanced class or meeting experience.
• Reorganize, duplicate, and resize pages within your PDF with ease.
• Annotate, markup, and sign documents using our robust toolbox, adding a personal touch.
• Select and copy text content effortlessly, making information readily accessible.
• Open external links and websites directly from your PDF, expanding your knowledge in the digital realm.

🎨 AI-Powered Creative Toolbox
• Hold to Draw Shapes: Effortlessly choreograph perfect circles, squares, and more with AI assistance.
• Image Background Removal: Isolate key elements from images and weave them seamlessly into your notes for visual impact.
• Scribble to Erase Skip the cacophony of messy undo buttons and elegantly erase unwanted elements with a simple scribble.

🗂 Structural Note Workspace
• Organize your work, school, and personal life effortlessly with unlimited folders, classifying notes, memos, and plans.
• Flexibly add, delete, duplicate, and reorder pages to plan and design special notes.
• Personalize folders with colors and names, creating visually appealing and tailored organization.

🔗 Note sharing
• Effortlessly share your notes using URLs, QR codes, or exported note files.
• Export your notes in various formats, including PDF, image, or Notewise file format.
• Experience professional-grade output with high-quality PDF and image exports, perfect for printing, presentations, and more.

Download Notewise now and unlock the full potential of your creativity, together!

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