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PassWallet - mobile passes

PassWallet - mobile passes

2.01.27 by Fobi AI Inc.
(0 Reviews) June 17, 2024
PassWallet - mobile passes PassWallet - mobile passes PassWallet - mobile passes PassWallet - mobile passes PassWallet - mobile passes PassWallet - mobile passes

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June 17, 2024
Fobi AI Inc.
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More About PassWallet - mobile passes

PassWallet is the pioneer and free app specializing in serving Android users to store, organize and update cards, in the most simple and intuitive way. PassWallet can service every type of passes imaginable: boarding passes, transport cards, passes to the movies, theatres, concerts, museums, festivals, theme parks or stadiums, loyalty cards, vouchers and discount coupons in many stores, hotel and car reservations and more!
How are passes added to PassWallet?

For your convenience, you can add and store passes in multiple ways:
✔ If you receive the passes by email or SMS, just touch the download link or the attached file and select PassWallet as your primary wallet and they are saved automatically.
✔ You can scan the barcode or QR code and your passes/cards will be automatically added to PassWallet, as well as converting to pdf without any extra coding.
✔ You can rescue/retrieve all the passes that you previously had on your device, importing them to PassWallet from Google Drive or Dropbox (where you can also back up all the new cards that you store)
✔ PassWallet is constantly evolving and improving technology, so we have incorporated NFC technology into our application, which will allow you to add, pay and redeem content as long as the issuer of your cards has adapted NFC as well, so you can enjoy this cutting-edge technology.

How does PassWallet help me organize?

🗃️ PassWallet allows you to sort your cards alphabetically, by type or by date
🏷️ With PassWallet you can modify the settings as you choose, including security and store mode, notifications, colours, category creation, etc.
🖐️ Just by touching the pass and using the icons that appear below, you can delete them, archive them, share them, see their location on the map and explore more options
🚩 Issuing companies may inform you of any changes that may occur in your cards or passes, and may update you with useful information
📡 Once you have downloaded your passes to PassWallet, you do not need a connection to use them
🔌 You will not have problems in terms of energy consumption, since PassWallet only consumes battery when it is used (no background operations are performed)

What permissions does PassWallet require to function?

You will maintain full control of the data you want to share with the card issuers. To enjoy the most useful services, PassWallet will ask you for permission to:
✔ Access your email to search for and download to PassWallet the cards/passes you receive this way
✔ Access your Files to retrieve and save in PassWallet, the passes you have saved on your device
✔ Access the camera to be able to scan barcodes in different formats to add them to your PassWallet
✔ Sending notifications and automatic card updates
✔ Know your location to show you the geolocated data of your passes

What do I do if I have a problem or need help?

For the benefit of our users, PassWallet is in a constant process of improvement and incorporation of new functionalities, so it is recommended that you update it when periodically or when prompted.
You can consult our website https://passwallet.net/index.html and if you have any technical problem you can write to us at info@passwallet.net and the PassWallet team will do our best to help you.

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