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Police Simulator Cop Car Duty

Police Simulator Cop Car Duty

1.42 by #1 Police Simulator Game
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Police Simulator Cop Car Duty Police Simulator Cop Car Duty Police Simulator Cop Car Duty Police Simulator Cop Car Duty Police Simulator Cop Car Duty Police Simulator Cop Car Duty

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February 07, 2024
#1 Police Simulator Game
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More About Police Simulator Cop Car Duty

Shots fired at Johnson Street warehouse, police backup and EMS needed - suspects armed!Protect the streets solo or join up with your squadron in Cop Duty multiplayer.
Patrol the city streets in the ultimate realistic police game! Build and upgrade your cop car then prepare your police equipment! Head out to the streets and pull over drivers or get into chases with the help of additional police backup. Get out on foot and raid headquarters of tough crime bosses, low-level thugs or small-time crooks in the latest FPS police car driving simulator game.

As a police officer on duty, your job is to patrol the streets and uphold the law! Take down criminals and protect innocent civilians at all costs. Take on the role as the latest police officer recruit and go on high-risk missions to pursue and arrest criminals. It’s police vs robbers in all-new action driving gameplay! Call and respond to save the city and uphold your duty as a police officer.

Take on a wide variety of missions as you work your way up the ranks from a rookie to a seasoned officer. With every mission you complete, you'll earn rewards and experience points that will allow you to upgrade and unlock new vehicles and weapons to aid in your fight against crime.

Fulfill your police duty with a range of missions:
- Saving people in hostage situations
- Engaging in police vs robbers car chases
- Infiltrating and busting crime hideouts
- Protecting and escorting V.I.P vehicles
- Catching and arresting gang members
- Using evasive driving skills to stop fleeing robbers
- Pilot helicopters and drones for additional air support

Unlock, upgrade and equip a whole arsenal of police gear full of amazing police weapons. Take on the criminal robbers with Desert Eagles, M16, hand grenades, mini-guns and a whole load more! Complete police missions to rise up the ranks and build up your own collection of police cars, from a wide selection of city cars, offroad 4x4 trucks, SUVs and fast cop car interceptors.

Dive right into non-stop police action of the cop car driving. Take on the cop duty missions any time with callouts through the police radio, blast the police sirens and get over to the scene of the crime to carry out real cop action. Not your style of police work? Decline the radio call, head out and explore the city and surrounding world on foot or ride along in your police patrol vehicle. Do whatever it takes to be one of the best police officers!

But that's not all!! This police simulator has enough to keep you in the action for hours on end, including:
- A massive city environment with surrounding open world to explore!
- Realistic police car driving simulator
- High-quality police vehicles and weapons
- Realistic driving and FPS gameplay physics
- Unlimited cop duty missions to play!
- Incredible vehicle damage - see every bump and scratch with each hit!
- Unlimited mission objectives. Non-stop action!
- Hidden secrets and objectives throughout the world!
- Easy to play car driving controls. Use touch, steering wheel or tilt controls!

Get ready to experience a realistic simulation of police work with the ability to upgrade and unlock new vehicles and weapons to take on bigger jobs as you work your way up the police academy ranks!

Dive right into the action and put on your police uniform as you get behind the wheel of your very own powerful police car. Head out onto the streets and start your patrol - respond to emergency calls, start police persuits of suspects and take down criminals on foot as you work to keep the city safe.

With a wide variety of police missions you'll never get bored! High-speed car chases to intense shootouts, use all of your driving skills as a police officer to take down criminals fast. Work your way up the police ranks to take on bigger and more challenging missions!

So what are you waiting for?! If you've got what it takes, join the force and become the best police officer we've seen on duty! Download Police Simulator Cop Car Duty today and experience the best realistic police simulation gameplay!

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