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Productive.ai Call Assistant

Productive.ai Call Assistant

1.4.24 by Phoneic, Inc.
(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Productive.ai Call Assistant Productive.ai Call Assistant Productive.ai Call Assistant Productive.ai Call Assistant

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February 08, 2024
Phoneic, Inc.
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For millions of busy professionals such as realtors, lawyers, salespeople, and business owners who rely on cell phone calls, one of the biggest problems is having the ability to take accurate call notes and the time it takes to manually archive call information multiple times a day into their company's CRMs.
Productive Call Assistant solves this problem. By transcribing calls to take detailed notes, allowing you to dictate a post-call summary and action items before hanging up, and archiving everything to your enterprise's CRM automatically, Productive is the only mobile call manager that helps you work efficiently on your calls.

• Connect your mobile calls with your enterprise's CRM.

Whether you use Salesforce, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Zoho, Copper, or other CRMs, your calls and notes can now be exchanged automatically so information can be logged without manual work or even opening the app. Simply make and receive calls on your phone like before, and Productive does all the work for you.

• Forget nothing by transcribing your calls.

For the first time, important information during calls can be transcribed and archived to your CRM. Productive's patented call routing service proxies your calls through transcription servers to digitize conversations that would otherwise be lost. The service also discloses the activity for quality, training, or compliance purposes similar to calls to business numbers. Best of all, recipients will still recognize your mobile number as the caller ID and not another phone number.

• Dictate your notes and tasks with the world's first post-call assistant.

In the traditional phone call, your side disconnects when the other side hangs up. With Productive, your call assistant will come on after the other side hangs up to ask you to dictate any post-call notes and action items. The assistant will then transcribe your speech, place the action items into your task list, then log everything to your CRM. All you have to do is talk!

• Works with your current cell phone number

Unlike apps that require you to obtain and hand out a new phone number to your contacts, Productive Call Assistant's patented technology enables all of these new features to work using your existing phone number. By proxying your calls through our secure application server, you'll instantly get a new suite of productivity features on your calls.

• Reliable mobile call quality, not VoIP

By using Productive's calling technology, both inbound and outbound calls on your phone continue to use mobile calling. Unlike VoIP calling apps, there is no need to use a data connection for calling so you will have the same reliable connection without dropped calls if you're away from a WiFi connection or when you're driving.

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