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Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD

Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD

1.226 by 3D Tower Battle Strategy Game
(0 Reviews) February 08, 2024
Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD

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February 08, 2024
3D Tower Battle Strategy Game
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More About Raid Rush: Tower Defense TD

Get ready for the most unique tower defense game, where you set your defense strategy and rush into action to claim victory!
The possibilities are endless in this TD game. Play limitless scenarios by positioning your towers and roads to defend your base against the waves of enemy raids!

STRATEGY unites with LUCK
• Reveal mega towers and assemble your battle deck according to your plan, but which tower cards you will get during the war is a matter of complete luck.
• Beat the enemy troops, level up, pick one of three random dice cards from your deck, and strengthen your power. Make wise decisions, as poor choices lead to defeat, and there is no way back!

Extend ROADS and LAND
• Path cards give you complete control over the enemy's route to your base. Strike and dominate enemy units before they even get close to your fort. Your strength and strategic approach is the key to success!
• Check out the tower's abilities and stats, then place the paths accordingly. Arrange your warfare carefully to ensure victory! With thousands of unique defense combinations at your command, the possibilities are infinite.

VARIETY in Gameplay
• Dozens of characteristic maps, arenas, and chapters await you on your journey to conquest.
• Face diverse enemies, powerful bosses, air and ground troops, and beat them all.
• Build special towers and battle deck alternatives to gain an advantage over your opponents.
• Upgrade your towers, explore merge options, and use booster skills to rise above and destroy your rivals!
• Join events and tournaments that help you to progress in the leaderboard and earn more trophies.
• Complete quests and collect daily rewards to unlock special awards.

Raid Rush is not just a game; it’s an exhilarating journey of choices, tactics, and chance. So, why wait? Dive in and forge your legend of defense!

The fortress is under attack and desperate for a hero like you to strategize and lead the defense!

Play now, and fight for survival in this epic clash!

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