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Simple Invoice Manager

Simple Invoice Manager

4.0.1 by Tacktile Systems Private Limited
(0 Reviews) June 15, 2024
Simple Invoice Manager Simple Invoice Manager Simple Invoice Manager Simple Invoice Manager Simple Invoice Manager Simple Invoice Manager

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June 15, 2024
Tacktile Systems Private Limited
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More About Simple Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager is a complete solution for managing Invoice and Billing operations. Invoice manager helps you right from raising an invoice to recording payment for the invoice and then finally providing a receipt all from one app.
Using Simple Invoice Manager, you can also record purchases and keep track of inventory. Further you can record and track Sales Orders Received as pending or fulfilled. The App will also help you genrate profit and Loss reports

Generating invoice is simple and fast and you can create and send invoices immediately, track overdue invoices and make sure to get paid for your invoice on time.

Invoice Manager
- Send invoices by e-mail or whatsapp or skype etc.
- Add Logo and Signature to your invoice
- Set Due Dates on Invoice
- Create Custom Fields on Invoice to record additional information relevant to your business

Payments and Receipts
- Send out signed Receipts for your invoice.
- Support for Lumpsum Payments, Partial Payments and Combined Payment for multiple Invoices
- Record Advance Payments received for future Sales Invoices

Purchase and Inventory Management
- Record your purchases and keep track of your inventory
- Inventory Valuation Reports that show the value of your current or past inventory
- Set minimum alert levels for your inventory. You will be notified when inventory falls below a certain level
- Support for FIFO method and Average Cost Method of Inventory Valuation

Profit and Loss Reports
- Profit and Loss Reports can be generated if you also record your purchases
- Invoicewise, Customerwise and Productwise Profits can be calculated

Order Management
- Keep track of Sales Orders received or Purchase Orders given to your suppliers
- Mark Orders as pending or fulfilled
- Orders can also be marked as partially fulfilled

Taxes and Discounts
- Taxes and Discounts at Total Bill level or Item level
- Discount in % or fixed amount
- Multiple Tax Rates in the same invoice

Charts and Graphs
- Analyse Invoice & Payment data
- Client Receivable History over past few weeks or months
- Which Products / Services & Clients generate maximum revenue

Backup and Restore
- Link your Dropbox account to Invoice Manager & Backup your data on Dropbox
- Invoice PDF can be uploaded on Dropbox automatically and accessed via desktop
- Backup all the Invoice data on your Dropbox or SD Card

Export Invoice Data
- Export details of invoice and payments as CSV and open it in Microsoft Excel

Add Products & Clients Easily
- Upload hundreds of products and clients easily using excel based template
- Import contacts from phonebook to quickly invoice those customers
- Create and manage product portfolio for generating invoices
- Store contact details of your clients for invoices

Outstanding Receivables
- See outstanding invoices and payments
- Graphs show you how outstanding payments has varied across time
- Invoice Aging Report shows you overdue and long overdue payments

Transaction History or Ledger
- Send out entire transaction history (ledger) to a regular client
- Can be useful for purposes of accounting and payment request.
- Can be very useful for working with clients who make payments in small installments such as long term projects

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