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SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup

SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup

1.0.27 by Mohammed Malhas
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Backup

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February 07, 2024
Mohammed Malhas
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SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Ping SMS Backup and restore here you can edit an existing SMS, and also add an fake SMS to an existing conversation, in simple words you can customize and edit any SMS message on your phone, for sure you edit sms body, date, message status.
Edit and craft SMS with ease: Revamp real texts, design fake logs, and subtly use SMS ping to check phone activity. All in one simple tool.

Enhance your text messaging with 'SMS Editor, Fake SMS, Ping SMS.' This unique app revolutionizes SMS management by allowing you to edit existing messages and craft new ones to fit any scenario. Its standout feature, SMS ping, lets you discreetly check if someone's phone is active, without sending a visible SMS.

How to edit sms?
Firstly, before editing an SMS the app will ask to be a "Default SMS Handler" accept this, it's important for to edit sms and for backup and restores.
When your edits are finished make sure to revert back to your default SMS app (Messages) by opening your SMS app and setting it as "Default SMS Handler".
After reverting to your default SMS application wait for moments to see your changes and your new fake SMS messages!

The sms editor has many features:
1- edit sms message.
2. add new fake sms to any thread or conversation.
3. backup sms and restore sms.
4. sms ping, aka silent sms to check if a recipient’s phone is turned off or online.
5. exporting all the sms, or custom thread as pdf.

SMS Backup and Restore used for exporting and imprting SMS messages and conversations.
To take the backup you can "select all" conversations or specific ones.
Once your backup is done, you can share it, view it, and save it.
There is a "My Backups" page, that shows all the backup files you have made.
Restoring the backup is so easy, just select the file and press "Start".

Ping SMS / Silent SMS is a clever way to determine if a phone number is Online (Active) or Offline (phone is turned off, airplane mode).
The recipient will not get any notification or SMS message.
By clicking on "Ping" you'll send a silent SMS without receiving it from the other side.
This feature will ask for SMS permission, and it's important to send silent SMS.

This application may ask to be a "Default SMS handler" after finishing make sure to revert to your original SMS APP.
Important: SMS Editing and adding may take up to 2 minutes after opening your default SMS application.
Contacts permission is not required, it's only used for labeling phone numbers.

*When you edit sms, if the edits does not appear, please clear the data of the application (System messaging application), and open it again, then all the edits will appear, if didn't restart your phone.
* sms editor works good with all devices, and 100% guaranteed.
* Ping SMS may not work in all countries.

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