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SoundType AI: Speech To Text

SoundType AI: Speech To Text

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(0 Reviews) April 23, 2024
SoundType AI: Speech To Text SoundType AI: Speech To Text SoundType AI: Speech To Text SoundType AI: Speech To Text SoundType AI: Speech To Text SoundType AI: Speech To Text

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April 23, 2024
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More About SoundType AI: Speech To Text

Turn spoken words into written text effortlessly with SoundType AI! Our advanced app for transcribing voice to text and transcribing audio transforms your voice or video files into accurately transcribed text. Its also equipped with innovative audio features and AI-powered summaries. With our standout feature of individual speaker identification, its an ideal choice for transcribing from meetings, interviews, podcasts, and more. Supporting over 90 languages, SoundType AI simplifies transcription of conversations from around the globe.

● Super High Accuracy in Converting Voice to Text Transcription
Our AI boasts an unrivaled precision for transcribing voice to text, trained on an impressive 680K hours of multilingual and multitask data. Experience flawless transcriptions each time you use SoundType AI.

● Individual Speaker Recognition for Transcribing
Ideal for group meetings and interviews, SoundType AI identifies and tags different speakers in your audio, providing well-structured, easy-to-follow transcriptions.

● Uncomplicated Long Audio Transcription
Have lengthy recordings to transcribe? No problem! SoundType AI handles long audio files with ease, ensuring all-inclusive and accurate transcriptions.

● Engaging Transcribe Audio to Text Experience
Engage with your transcriptions in unique ways. Ask questions about your audio or video, and our AI will generate responses from the content, enhancing your transcribe experience.

● Summarized Transcriptions
Receive the key points and highlights of your audio in a concise, understandable format with SoundType AIs summary feature.

● Comprehensive Voice/Video to Text Transcription
Whether its uploading an audio or video file, recording within the app, or importing from YouTube, SoundType AI transcribes it into text for straightforward analysis.

● Broad Language Support for Transcription
With our sophisticated AI technology, transcribe in over 90 languages and dialects effortlessly, perfect for international meetings, research work, and global podcasts.

Use SoundType AI for transcribing spoken content from:
○ Meeting Notes
○ Negotiations
○ Interviews
○ Language Studies
○ Podcasts
○ Lectures
And more, all converted into simple-to-read text!

Supported Formats:
Our app accepts a broad range of file formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, and more. If you have queries about specific file types, our support team is ready to help.

Export Formats:
Easily export your transcriptions in various formats, such as TXT and SRT.

Internet connection

Upgrade your productivity with SoundType AI - the future of transcribe voice to text and transcribe audio to text at your fingertips.

Privacy Policy: https://soundtype.ai/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://soundtype.ai/terms-of-use

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