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Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer

Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer

6.12.9 by ForNextGen
(0 Reviews) May 27, 2024
Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer

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May 27, 2024
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More About Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer

Our Speedometer GPS HUD - Odometer is a very accurate speed tracker and distance tracker, in both MPH or KM/H. It is an offline GPS tachometer that measures the GPS speed while your Internet is offline. If you have wondered, "How fast am I going?", just open the app and you will get the answer. The speed app can be a car speedometer, bike speedometer, boat speedometer, train speedometer, etc. It is also a mileage tracker (mph tracker or miles tracker). It has a cool feature, HUD (Head Up Display), which will help you while you are driving at night.
Key Features:
⭐GPS Speedometer: Measure your current and average speed for the trip with a beautifully customized speed meter in either digital or analog mode. It accurately measures GPS speed every second in various units like miles per hour. It is functioning just like your vehicle's digital speedometer.
⭐Speed Limit App: If you are traveling somewhere and don't want to exceed a certain speed limit, the speed limit alert will sound. It will prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.
⭐Speedometer App For All: This is not just a car speedometer; you can use it as a bike speedometer (bicycle speedometer), boat speedometer, train speedometer, and truck speedometer, etc. as well.
⭐Odometer or Distance Tracker: Find the distance between your starting point and ending point of the path, so you can easily check the distance between two places and plan your travel accordingly. You can preset or adjust the odometer reading function of the app to match up your car odometer.
⭐HUD – Head Up Display: Primarily used while you are driving at night. You can view all important information such as max speed, distance traveled, and time needed to reach the destination in front of your head.
⭐Full Screen Mode: There is a big display of your vehicle's current speed so you can avoid other distractions.
⭐Speedometer MPH or KPH: Change the speed unit from mph to kph or from kph to mph as per your requirement.
⭐Route Planner: It provides information about your current location and information from the starting point to the destination.
⭐Mileage Tracker: It is also called a MPH Tracker or Miles Tracker. It helps you track your mileage correctly without missing anything, as long as you open the app every time before you are about to drive.
⭐Top Class Speed Tracker and Distance Tracker: We provide dark themes and light themes for your choice. We support many languages as well.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We continue to improve this speed app and listen to customer feedback. We hope you like our speedometer app, and enjoy your ride with us!

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