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WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text

WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text

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(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text

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February 07, 2024
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More About WePhone: WiFi Phone Call &Text

👉 Stay online with global internet access to enjoy international calling and messaging at extremely low rates!
WePhone is an innovative virtual phone number app that helps you with unlimited calling and texting with your contacts. You can get a second phone number to make private calls and send messages to more than 200 countries. Millions of trusted users have loved our app because it is so helpful in international tours of USA, UK, Canada, etc. Contact your family and friends all around the globe anytime without spending so many bucks.

Our eSIM product has produced wonders for travellers and international internet users. An embedded eSIM lets you access the global internet to join business meetings and enjoy online gaming or streaming 🕹. No more hassle to find a stable WiFi connection or mobile data network. Above all, eSIM helps you to communicate with loved ones living in different countries.

WePhone texting and calling app intends to bring people closer by eliminating communication and time zone barriers. Surprise your family and peers with a second phone number. Users can earn free credits 💰 to make trial calls. Moreover, there is a safe phone call recorder that helps to save important call recordings for playback.

👉 Join the WePhone community today to use the global internet and make unlimited calls to get in touch with the world!

💙 Why Do People Love Our WePhone Calling App? 💙

WePhone is the best phone call app that helps you connect with your contacts anytime. These are some prominent perks that make our app exceptional.

🔹Answer calls through a secondary phone number
🔹Great voice quality at super low VoIP rates
🔹Free VoIP calls, cheap international calls
🔹Check-In Daily to Earn Free Credit 💰
🔹Get Bonus Credits for watching videos
🔹Pay As You Go with Google Wallet
🔹Trial phone calls with free gift credits 💰
🔹Call over WiFi, 3G, 4G with same rates
🔹No configuration required, no roaming costs
🔹Receive SMS verification code on every phone number for FREE

== Second Phone Number 📲
Having a second phone number shields your identity and makes your phone calls private to international contacts. Enjoy secure calling and texting without disclosing your personal information. Users can get multiple phone numbers to keep their family and work life on different tracks.

== Phone Call Recorder 📞
WePhone app has a built-in phone call recorder to save important call recordings for personal or professional requirements. Listen to playbacks in case of any issue or confusion. Connect with WiFi or mobile data plan to dial, receive and record unlimited calls.

== Standard Digital eSIM 🌐
WePhone users can get an eSIM to use the internet for urgent business meetings, video streaming, online gaming 🕹 and flawless communications. These features of eSIM make your journey exciting and safe.

🔹An eSIM helps to access global internet
🔹Prepaid data plans without extra charges
🔹Connects you with local carriers of a country
🔹Extensive coverage to more than 200 countries
🔹24/7 service for travellers and business persons
🔹No need to carry physical SIM cards with you
🔹Compatible with all carrier-unlocked devices

== Nationwide Calling and Texting ☎️

WePhone users can experience high-quality international calling and messaging at minimal rates. These features include free texting, free calling, and free voice mailing. Unleash the latest technology to connect with your beloved ones in USA, UK, Canada, and other countries around the globe!

✨ Calling rates are amazingly low! To list a few: 🤞
India: $0.015/min
China: $0.0159/min
United States: $0.0075/min
US/Canada Toll-Free: $0.001/min
Saudi Arabia: $0.2/min
Kuwait: $0.06831/min

🔹Easily purchase PAY-AS-YOU-GO call credits using Google Pay.
🔹No hidden costs, no connection fee 💰
🔹No expiration date for your calling credits
🔹Ask customer service for help at any time

Learn more at http://www.wephoneapp.co 🤞

👉 Need Help? Support Email: support@wephoneapp.co

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